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aba games . Student demonstrates visual imitation by correctly imitating a fifteen colored light sequence

aba games . Student improves hand-eye coordination

aba games . Student builds confidence by successfully completing a task

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aba games

Imitation is an essential skill to learn, and it usually must be taught specifically to children with autism. While typical children watch their peers and imitate naturally, children with autism need to be taught the skill directly and it needs to be immediately reinforced for them to believe it is worthwhile. This is a fun game that has different levels that can be worked up to slowly. Stay at the first level until your student feels comfortable and prompt when needed in order to make the student successful. If the child has trouble with the mouse, have him point to the screen or say/ sign the color and the parent/therapist/para can guide the mouse for her. Having an edible reinforcer nearby is very helpful in addition to praise if a student is successful. Reinforce quickly and often!

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aba games. Watch teacher's video to see how to successfully execute teaching this skill

aba games. Have student play game twice a day for as long as it takes the student to earn a certificate

aba games. Print and place certificate on the refrigerator and praise your student for his/her accomplishment


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Go back to the this skill's game weekly for 4 weeks so skill can be reinforced